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head shot of Rick Knox a golf instructor at Grand Haven Golf Club

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Phone: 386-445-2327
Cell: 941-661-5483
Fax: 386-445-3866
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Rick Knox | Head Golf Professionals

My “golf career” began at the age of 12 ... with a resounding defeat! My first 9-hole score of 63 was riddled with “let me do that again’s” while my neighbor JoAnn’s 47 was shot putting everything out! Even though she was 2 years older and I was using her father Ernie's loaner clubs, it’s safe to say golf got my attention real quick! I’m pleased to report that I’ve shot 63’s for 18 holes without do over’s since that beat down some 48 years ago. Thanks JoAnn and Ernie! Over the last 40 years I have been a Playing Professional trying to grind out scores, a Head Professional fighting for budgets, a Coach, and a Golf School Owner; sharing my knowledge and passion for the game. All these experiences have helped me develop learning tools and games focused on three key components of golf: motion, emotion and practice management. I look forward to the  opportunity of sharing my discoveries with you.

Private Lesson with Video Analysis

Video swing analysis is an excellent way to explain ball flight tendencies, plus it gives you a visual reference to a neutral motion pattern that can shape future practice sessions.

Practice Games

While you're developing and managing awareness of your golf swing, Practice Games will help make sure you don't become too swing conscious!


Designed to reveal, explain and support all the subtleties related to motion and emotion management; our Clinics are very important. Using team coaching techniques, the group dynamic nature of clinics can lessen the frustration of trying too hard individually. A little humor doesn't hurt either!

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